Hope Methodist Church

Centenary   1908 - 2008

The history of our New Longton Methodist Church began in an amalgamation of two Churches; one was a small Chapel at the Longton end of Chapel Lane, and the other was a Chapel in Long Moss Lane, Whitestake.  In 1906 a decision was made to close both these Chapels and to erect a new one in New Longton (then known as Hutton and Howick). The Longton Chapel was sold for £83, and the one at Whitestake for £61.

The site of our present Church was purchased for £200 in 1907, and the cost of the Church itself was about £700.  The foundation stone was laid on May 23rd, 1908, and the opening ceremony took place on October 17th, 1908.

It is planned to hold a series of events to celebrate one hundred years of witness in the area. Further details will appear on this page.

Over the following years the premises have been altered and improved to meet our changing needs.  Click below for more information about noteable milestones in the history of our premises.

The Fellowship Room 

The Church