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28th February 2018
Hi, Just browsing your website for the artists group. But enjoyed looking at the lively activities going on in an evolving parish. I may join you for prayers at some time if I may. Jean 
Reply from the editor - you would be welcome to join us anytime!

13th September 2017
Taken from Facebook - New Longton and Whitestake page

Our Village Methodist church has so much to offer with different activities on different days. Probably the most welcoming church I have been to! And I'm not even a Methodist!

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6th September 2017

Very much looking forward to leading worship on Men's Sunday, 29th October, and renewing friendships made 12 years ago. Revd Derek Oldham

We are looking forward to welcoming you back as well x


Wishing my dad, Rev. John Fisher, all the very best in his new role as your minister. :-)
All our love, Gill, Mark, Aimie and Olivia xxxx

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the website editors!

We are feeling a little sad at New Longton because we haven't had any messages to our visitors book recently.  Maybe you'd like to say hello to us and leave us your comments!

I live in Farington and have to say, I am quite impressed with your website and your church and activities !!

Very nice site!

Just came from church in The Villages USA where we heard Pastor Derek Oldham-our exchange pastor- speak this am--I know we would enjoy him but----we are on our way to Germany for this week and then to England for a week and not returning to the states for another 6 weeks--We will be in Leicestershire--Maybe we will get a chance to drive up and see you--And now Pastor Dan from our New Covenant Methodist Church is visiting with you--We know you will enjoy him and his wife Pat--Allan and Janet Cragg

Dear All, I am sending this email below as it is going round the world because I know that a member of your congregation, Mrs Bernadette Good, visited Bergen Belsen as a young girl when her mother was working with DP's alongside Sue Ryder in Hanover. Regards Alexandra Oon, Scotland The Wedding Dress which made History Lilly Friedman doesn't remember the last name of the woman who designed and sewed the wedding gown she wore when she walked down the aisle over 60 years ago. But the grandmother of seven does recall that when she first told her fiancé Ludwig that she had always dreamed of being married in a white gown he realized he had his work cut out for him. For the tall, lanky 21-year-old who had survived hunger, disease and torture this was a different kind of challenge. How was he ever going to find such a dress in the Bergen Belsen Displaced Person's camp where they felt grateful for the clothes on their backs? Fate would intervene in the guise of a former German pilot who walked into the food distribution center where Ludwig worked, eager to make a trade for his worthless parachute. In exchange for two pounds of coffee beans and a couple of packs of cigarettes Lilly would have her wedding gown. For two weeks Miriam the seamstress worked under the curious eyes of her fellow DPs, carefully fashioning the six parachute panels into a simple, long sleeved gown with a rolled collar and a fitted waist that tied in the back with a bow. When the dress was completed she sewed the leftover material into a matching shirt for the groom. A white wedding gown may have seemed like a frivolous request in the surreal environment of the camps, but for Lilly the dress symbolized the innocent, normal life she and her family had once led before the world descended into madness. Lilly and her siblings were raised in a Torah observant home in the small town of Zarica, Czechoslovakia where her father was a melamed, respected and well liked by the young yeshiva students he taught in nearby Irsheva. He and his two sons were marked for extermination immediately upon arriving at Auschwitz . For Lilly and her sisters it was only their first stop on their long journey of persecution, which included Plashof, Neustadt, Gross Rosen and finally Bergen Belsen Four hundred people marched 15 miles in the snow to the town of Celle on January 27,1946 to attend Lilly and Ludwig's wedding.The town synagogue, damaged and desecrated, had been lovingly renovated by the DPs with the meager materials available to them. When a Sefer Torah arrived from England they converted an old kitchen cabinet into a makeshift Aron Kodesh. "My sisters and I lost everything - our parents, our two brothers, our homes. The most important thing was to build a new home." Six months later, Lilly's sister Ilona wore the dress when she married Max Traeger. After that came Cousin Rosie. How many brides wore Lilly's dress? "I stopped counting after 17." With the camps experiencing the highest marriage rate in the world, Lilly's gown was in great demand. In 1948 when President Harry Truman finally permitted the 100,000 Jews who had been languishing in DP camps since the end of the war to emigrate, the gown accompanied Lilly across the ocean to America Unable to part with her dress, it lay at the bottom of her bedroom closet for the next 50 years, "not even good enough for a garage sale. I was happy when it found such a good home." Home was the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington , D.C. When Lily's niece, a volunteer, told museum officials about her aunt's dress, they immediately recognized its historical significance and displayed the gown in a specially designed showcase, guaranteed to preserve it for 500 years. But Lilly Friedman's dress had one more journey to make. Bergen Belsen, the museum, opened its doors on October 28, 2007. The German government invited Lilly and her sisters to be their guests for the grand opening. They initially declined, but finally traveled to Hanover the following year with their children, their grandchildren and extended families to view the extraordinary exhibit created for the wedding dress made from a parachute. Lilly's family, who were all familiar with the stories about the wedding in Celle, were eager to visit the synagogue. They found the building had been completely renovated and modernized. But when they pulled aside the handsome curtain they were astounded to find that the Aron Kodesh, made from a kitchen cabinet, had remained untouched as a testament to the profound faith of the survivors. As Lilly stood on the bimah once again she beckoned to her granddaughter, Jackie, to stand beside her where she was once a kallah. "It was an emotional trip. We cried a lot." Two weeks later, the woman who had once stood trembling before the selective eyes of the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele returned home and witnesses the marriage of her granddaughter. The three Lax sisters - Lilly, Ilona and Eva, who together survived Auschwitz, a forced labor camp, a death march and Bergen Belsen - have remained close and today live within walking distance of each other in Brooklyn. As mere teenagers, they managed to outwit and outlive a monstrous killing machine, then went on to marry, have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and were ultimately honored by the country that had earmarked them for extinction. As young brides, they had stood underneath the chuppah and recited the blessings that their ancestors had been saying for thousands of years. In doing so, they chose to honor the legacy of those who had perished by choosing life. Hinda In MEMORIAM - 63 YEARS LATER It is now more than 60 years after the Second World War in Europe ended This e-mail is being sent as a memorial chain, in memory of the six million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians and 1,900 Catholic priests who were murdered, massacred, raped, burned, starved and humiliated with the German and Russian peoples looking the other way! Now, more than ever, with Iraq, Iran, and others, claiming the Holocaust to be 'a myth,' it's imperative to make sure the world never forgets, because there are others who would like to do it again.

Many thanks to all who organised and helped at the Garden Party last Saturday. It is such a good way to meet people in our community. I really enjoyed being able to 'have a chat'. Thanks to Jean and Joe for such hospitality. Sue

We are looking forward to meeting Rev. Derek Oldham. I know our church will be blessed by his ministry. In Christ, Rev. Leigh Anne Hagerman New Covenant United Methodist Church, Florida

Bernadette Bernadette and Wah's Partaking of Passover at Currie, Edinburgh The three things of Passover: the lamb, unleavened bread and bitter herbs. Our Passover meal began at eleven and finished at three in the afternoon. Numerically it was four full hours which, as far as I was concerned flew by. The preacher was excellent and thought not Jewish he had for many years been a director of the Mission to the Jewish people. He was very well versed in the practices of Judaism and the Messianic Jew. Wah and I were enthralled to learn so much and to partake of such an informative service. The people were very friendly and welcoming without formality. We knew that we are one in Jesus the Christ, rather, in Yeshua. The food for the meal was lovely and mostly kosher. I had water for the four cups as I do not take grape or other juices. Cup1 for joy and sadness Cup 2 for liberation, Pessac from the Egyptian word peche. The word Easter comes from the name of a pagan god! Cup 3 for redemption, where we become grafted in as we have been brought out of slavery. A child next goes to the door to look for Elijah who was the forerunner of Jesus that is John the Baptist. Cup 4 the Cup of Completion. So much more about which to write but this must suffice and it only remains for us to wish all readers a blessèd Easter.

Thanks to everyone who organised and led the Holiday Bible Club this year. Our daughter and her friend had a great time and we have put the date in our diary for next year! Paul

With all good wishes to you and all the members and friends at New Longton Methodist Church from all at Hetton Methodist Church.

Thank you for signing our guest book.
I hope you enjoyed our Web Site. Please come back soon
God loves YOU
Webmaster - Walton Methodist Church

Love the website, great layout, enjoying the Mouse Droppings! We visited you on our way through last summer and hope to visit again this year. Alexandra and Isabella in Scotland

Very informative site and help us in contact with friends in New Longton. Only thing, have to adjust my view to fit the screen properly as alignment may be out for certain screen fitting. Keep it up!!

Nice photos and captions of the SS Anniversary... I wondered if we were hiding but then I realised that we had just gone to the car... Anyway the food was yummy... thanks, John, for cooking and thanks to God for all the talent he gave everyone, and for the perfect BBQ weather. Let's all spend the week praying that supplies and logistics help can be allowed into Burma to save as many as possible from their dreadful plight..... and then what we give on Sunday will have maximum impact. This is our prayer... Jane, Harriet and Phoebe

Hi, An attractive, informative and welcoming website that reveals a breadth of interest supporting the fundamental message. I am not surprised at its success. Ken's insight into website design should help allay some fears about the complexity of the process! Best wishes, David Hughes

By popular request - here is how it is done!

First may I thank those who have commented on our website.  It is always good to have feed back so that we can make improvements and provide information which is useful.  

The web host is a company called
Church123 who, as their name suggests, provide web sites for Churches.  They will allow 30 days free trial which you can sign up for in a matter of minutes.  I would say that if you have some experience in using a word processor then you could have a web site up and running in an evening.  There are a multitude of features built into the templates, some of which are more involved than others.  Most of the features are very simple to use and require no technical knowledge whatsoever.  Obviously, if you want to incorporate more advanced features then you can make it as complicated as you wish. 

 I have had no previous experience with websites and have only used computers in an office environment.  Everything you see on the website is what I have picked up as I have gone along. 
I have found it a most enjoyable experience putting the site together and am always on the lookout for new ideas. 

The Church123 prices may seem high on first inspection but for a medium to large sized site it works out very good value.  For the fixed annual fee there is an unlimited number of pages and unlimited editing access, very advanced statistical information, and an excellent helpdesk.  It is even possible to change the template to something totally different in a few seconds and the whole website rearranges itself. 

 It would be true to say that a large amount of time is required to set up a website but this is more to do with gathering information and arranging things on pages to look attractive rather than with anything technical.  If any Churches are considering setting something up I would be happy to explain more about the features if you contact me by
clicking here.

Web editor

I can't imagine how long it must take to make a website this good. Well done to whoever does it. Keep up the good work. The person below said it was from a template. Does that mean any church with appropriate technical people can do this? [Is it possible for you to put an answer on this page? I'm sure other churches would want to know]

The New Longton site is really good, and you would never think that it was created from a template - it looks like a bespoke site.

Never believe to be alone in your worldly path. Even though we cannot see Him, our Lord is close to us and hears our prayers. Particularly when our prayers come from the bottom of our heart He manifests his presence and responds to our prayers. It is what happened to me on Monday 24th March 2008 when, because of an unexpected problem, I was very confused and I did not know what to do. For a moment I felt alone and lost so I began to pray Him. I put myself in His hands trusting with all my heart that He would have helped me. I was sure that He would have heard my voice and He would not have abandoned me. It was about an hour later that the telephone unexpectedly rang. It was Jane. It seems unbelievable, especially because SHE WAS THE ONLY PERSON who could have helped me in that moment/situation. After explaining the problem, she reassured me and contacted Ken and together they rushed to my house to help me and my husband Andy. You cannot imagine the sensation of relief that I immediately felt thanks to these two wonderful friends. God knows and feels from my spirit how many times I ask Him to bless them for having helped us and for being so close in a difficult moment. This was THE ANSWER TO MY PRAYER AND REQUEST FOR HELP. Nothing happened by coincidence and it is wonderful to be able to tell you this through this website so that my words may bring hope to anybody who needs it or feels alone. Unfortunately we cannot see our Lord, but He can see us and He hears us and to this thought my heart fills with joy and my body with peace. Never loose the hope and continue to pray, knock on His door so that He opens it to you. He is present and He hears us if we insist. Prayers are the only means that can lead us to God. Never give up!! Jane and Kenneth, I really thank you very much. May God bless you for everything that you have done and that you are still doing for others. Thank you!! Katia and Andrea

Non pensate mai di essere da soli in questo cammino terreno. Anche se noi non lo vediamo il nostro Signore ci e' vicino ed ascolta ogni nostra parola e preghiera. Ed e' soprattutto quando Lo si prega intensamente e dal piu' profondo del nostro cuore, che lui si fa sentire e risponde alle nostre preghiere. Come mi e' successo lunedì 24/03/08, quando trovatami nella piu' completa confusione e sentendomi completamente sola e spaesata mi sono messa nelle Sue mani ed ho cominciato ad implorare il Suo aiuto con tutto il mio cuore. Sapevo che non mi avrebbe abbandonata neppure questa volta. Infatti dopo poco piu' di un'ora, e' arrivata una telefonata inaspettata da parte di Jane. Troppo strano ed incredibile da credere. Soprattutto perche' Jane era REALMENTE L'UNICA PERSONA che in quel momento poteva aiutarmi. Cosi', una volta individuato il problema, Jane ha contattato Ken ed insieme si sono precipitati ad aiutare me e Andrea, mio marito. Non potete pensare o credere che grande sollievo queste 2 persone sono state per noi. Il Signore lo sa e lo sente dal profondo della mia anima quante benedizioni gli mando per averci aiutato e per esser stati cosi' disponibili in un momento per noi di totale confusione. Questa e' stata LA RISPOSTA ALLA MIA PREGHIERA DI AIUTO; niente e' successo per caso. Ed e' bellissimo potervelo comunicare tramite questo sito cosi' che queste mie parole possano portare un filo di speranza a chi ha bisogno di aiuto o si sente solo. Purtroppo noi non possiamo vederLo, ma Lui si. Lui ci vede e ci sente e al solo pensiero il cuore mi si riempe di gioia e una leggerezza mi invade il corpo. Non perdete mai la speranza e continuate a pregare, bussate alla sua porta affinche' Lui vi apra. Lui c'e' e ci sente, insistete! La preghiera e' l'unica cosa che possa condurci e metterci in contatto con Dio. Non arrendetevi mai! Jane e Kenneth non ho parole per ringraziarvi e che possa il Signore benedirvi ogni giorno per tutto quello che avete fatto e che continuate a fare ad altri. GRAZIE!! Katia e Andrea

Big Thankyou to a Great Choir and a Big Thanks to Liz Sunday night was Brilliant Loved it Trish xx

I just want to say a big 'thankyou 'to Rebecca for loaning us Joey, the donkey. it was great to have him, and your family with us. On another subject, I'd also like to say how much I've enjoyed the Friday evening series of 'Meet the....' I was able to get to three of them and each was very informative and thought provoking. It was particulary good to hear from Brook (MRDF) and about St Catherine's hospice and their ongoing work. Sue

Good afternoon, I am just contacting you to ask if you would like to have a Donkey present at the service this Palm Sunday? I have a Donkey who is kept at a farm on Chapel Lane and as he is so friendly I thought it would be nice to have him at the Church. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.
Kind regards

Excellent site. Are the photos available to vis0itors? as a member of the Find Your Voice Group it would be good to have a copy of the photograph! Kathleen

Lovely site, with some very nice ideas. Best Wishes to all Sandra Betts Rufford

Great site and the Nativity scene is wonderful. I only wish we could have one like it out here. God bless you all. Jenny Berrill (Doha)

I agree, what a great way of sharing the true meaning of Christmas. It would be really great to do the same in a prominent place, such as Preston town centre. I'm sure it would get folk's attention! I really like your website too. Easy to navigate and very interesting. Ann - Blackpool

What a great idea - fantastic way of sharing the true meaning of Christmas with the local community. Well Done, New Longton! Wishing you a very happy new year - may God richly bless us all. Maggie

I love the photo of the Christmas Day nativity scene with the colour background - really effective!

What a good idea to tell the Christmas story outside the church. The tableau looks lovely, especially lit up at night. I like the way the story will unfold over the next few weeks and the short explanation that goes with each changing scene. love Rose

Lovely idea for the Christmas scene, looking forward to the story unfolding and the next new instalment! the Brooke's (SKATS)

Just browsed in after my visit tonight. It was nice to meet old friends and also see some new faces. Thank you for the warm welcome!! Garry Brookes

Hi got the web page at last its great love trish from sunday night service.