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1st September 2022 - The Methodist Church on Marsh Lane was part of my childhood. I was baptized there, my mother was a choir director, and so many memories. Please tell me why the Marsh Lane chapel is temporarily closed. Not on FB, so just decided to contact directly. Did the initial search to see what is happening in UK with regard to Methodist schism. Thank you, Ruth McDonald (née Trueman), Hempstead, TX, United States
Reply from the editor: Hi Ruth, Longton Methodist Church and New Longton Methodist Church have merged to become a new church called 'Hope Methodist Church'. We still own both buildings but currently meet in the church in New Longton. It is Google that has put the temporarily closed message on the map - not us and now if we change it to reflect the current situation it will be removed from the map, which we don't want. The building is still being used by the nursery which rent it from Hope Methodist Church. Hope that helps. Alison