Hope Methodist Church




The Group was set up by John and Betty Dunn several years ago with the intention of painting for pleasure.  It is a small Society and we are always looking for new members who, we hope will have the same enjoyment in painting as our current members.


Whatever your standard or capabilities no judgement is made as we are friendly and all paint at different levels. Do not feel that your paintings are not good enough to join our group, it is painting for pleasure  and a social evening.


On a fortnightly basis help is available from a semi professional artist, also we all help one another if required.


The members paint in different types of medium including Watercolur/Acrylic/Oils and Pencil.




Each member provides their own art material and subject for painting  i.e. Photographs, Picture from  books etc. There is a book library available which members can borrow from at no charge. 


A Painting by one of our members

              Mountain Winds

Mountains Winds - Peter Bourne
Medium - Acrylic